Articles (updated 03/30/2004 )

It is always fun to see something in the news about your boat, or an article that mentions it, or other references. I have collected a few of them here for you. Some of the scanned images and can take some time to download, so be forewarned. Click on each page, then press your browser's "back" button to come back to this page. Most of these should print adequately from your browser, but if not, try saving the images and then printing them from a imaging program such as Windows Paint. You can save the image my right-clicking on the image and selecting "save destination as..."

Understanding Hull Id Numbers (HIN)

I was asked how to determine the hull number of a boat -- here's the definitive answer:

Hull ID numbers

Living Aboard

Will Sturgeon, author of the article Escape to Chaos below, shares some of the enhancements made to accommodate living aboard their Crown 34, Summer Sky:

Home Sweet Home 

Original Sales Materials

Like many of you, I am not the original owner of my boat, Escargot. Therefore I was fascinated to see the original brochures and even price & option lists for the boat. 

Crown 34 - Thanks to Chris Rosinski (Carrera) and Kevin Pritchard (Tristan) for the pricelist:

Crown 34 Brochure Page 1    Crown 34 Brochure Page  2    Crown 34 Brochure Page  3    Crown 34 Brochure Page 4    Crown 34 Pricelist Page 1    Crown 34 Pricelist Page 2

Sun Yacht 1030 - Kevin Pritchard (Tristan) has provided the Sun Yacht 1030 brochure and an advertisement for the boat.  Until I saw this I didn't even know that the official model name of my boat is a "Sun Yacht 1030!"

Sun Yacht 1030 Brochure Page 1    Sun Yacht 1030 Brochure Page 2    Sun Yacht 1030 Brochure Page 3    Sun Yacht 1030 Brochure Page 4    Sun Yacht 1030 Advertisement    

Line Drawings

Kevin Pritchard (Tristan) also provide these line drawings which are used in both the Crown 34 and Sun Yacht 1030 brochures (in case there was any doubt that the boats are one in the same.)


The definitive review of the Crown 34 was the following article in Pacific Yachting in August of 1985. I do not have the original color article, here are some scanned images of a photocopy I requested.

Pacific Yachting Review Page 1    Pacific Yachting Review Page 2    Pacific Yachting Review Page 3


The January 2002 issue of 48 North carried this story of adventure by Will Sturgeon, owner of the Crown 34 Summer Sky:

Escapte to ChaosEscape to Chaos

Ken Kubesh offered to share his tale of sailing his San Juan 34, Pteranodon around the world!

My Great AdventurePteranodon- My Great Adventure!


Hein Dreihuyzen was kind enough to provide the following articles he had saved:

"Red Shift Wins Sloop Tavern YC Jack & Jill to Hawaii" Northwest Yachting

red shift STYC_btn.jpg (4149 bytes)

"Country Style has style, speed" Boating News June, 1985

country style pic_btn.jpg (1323 bytes)    country style story_btn.jpg (1492 bytes)

Here's a little present for all of you racers out there... Tom Gardner (Powomis) asked me for these some time ago and it has taken me a while to post them, but here are the POLAR DIAGRAMS for the San Juan 34 from a 1981 MHS analysis I have. Of course, I have altered the diagrams so that I can still beat all of you on the race course ;)